Our bespoke watchmaking solutions

  • Innovative

    Unique and revolutionary bearing system with two rings instead of three.

  • Solidity

    Prevent disassembly and increases bearing life.

  • Quality

    Thanks to our experience in the medical and dental field.

Nous fabriquons vos pièces détachés ou créons pour vous des mécanismes d'horlogerie complets.
  • Flexibility

    We manufacture parts for you, or conceive a complete mechanism according to your needs.

  • Precision

    No manual adjustment required.

  • Elegance

    Multiple decoration options and guaranteed finish.

HL Technology has created ALLIANCE® to offer our watch customers the same quality and precision that made us famous in the medical field.

By choosing a partner that is independent from the major watch groups, you do not have to worry about possible conflicts of interest.

With ALLIANCE®, HL Technology offers innovative solutions in the field of watchmaking.

As in other sectors, HL Technology offers its watch customers the flexibility that has become its hallmark. We can deliver complete bespoke mechanisms, or produce spare parts according to your requirements.

Simplify complexity with the ALLIANCE® ball bearing

True to form, HL Technology innovates. In the field of watchmaking, we revolutionised the sector by introducing our ball bearing, which has two rings instead of three. Thanks to this unique technology, ALLIANCE® ball bearings are:
  • Simpler
  • More robust
  • More elegant
  • More innovative
This technological evolution offers many advantages:
  • The one-piece core eliminates the problems associated with a driven (or welded) assembly.
  • No manual adjustment affects the accuracy of the bearing; the ring and core depend on machining and accuracy. Overall process capability is greatly improved.
  • In the ALLIANCE® bearing, the balls prevent disassembly, ensuring robustness.
  • ALLIANCE® design increases ball diameter, bearing load capacity and increases bearing life.
Avec ALLIANCE®, HL Technology propose des solutions innovantes dans le domaine de l’horlogerie suisse / With ALLIANCE®, HL Technology offers innovative solutions in the field of Swiss watchmaking.
We apply this customised technology to create the bearings you need.
  • Complete solutions, from design to delivery of ALLIANCE® decorated bearings.
  • Basic and multiple decoration
  • Advanced technology (ceramic ball)
  • Decoration before assembly. No force (driving) or thermal stress (welding): guaranteed finish.
  • Choice of colours and materials of the balls (steel, ceramic, ruby, etc.)
Horlogerie suisse_alliance_rotor_masse et roulement_ Swiss wachtmaking

Rotor: Mass and bearing combined

HL Technology distinguishes itself by offering complete solutions. That's why, in order to simplify your life and ensure high precision we offer Rotor: a complete winder.
  • We produce the mass according to your design and your decorations
  • We procure quality heavy material
  • We monitor the rotor output
  • Measurement of the axial beat
  • Checking the starting angle
  • Other measurements and controls according to your needs
We carry out your projects from A to Z, including: verification and validation of design, prototype and series 0 phases, production ramp up, certified measurements.
HL Technology, expert en horlogerie (roue crantée)

Spare part manufacturing

If you wish, you can also contract us to manufacture parts for you, thanks to our high-precision machine park. We provide a number of services, including:
  • Turning up to ø 51 mm, quality control by SPC
  • Bar turning to ø 22 mm, quality control by SPC
  • Finishing: diamond coating, sandblasting, polishing, surface treatment, sun grinding, Côtes de Genève, etc.
  • Delivery of completed parts

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