Together, we simplify complexity

HL Technology specialises in microprecision mechanisms in the field of medical and dental devices and watchmaking. We provide our customers with technological expertise, based on the foundations of Swiss quality: quality and precision. We offer our clients not only products but complete solutions to make their project a success.


Discover our new product, The Double Click, experienced Click's technology now used clockwise and counterclockwise in the same device.

One device to protect the patient in every case


We take care of your project from A to Z

From product development to manufacturing: we ensure every step of the process to relieve you of administrative and technological burdens.
Discovery & Ideation

We listen to your needs and ideas and transform them into a bespoke concept.

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Design & Engineering

Our teams of engineers develop not only a tool that meets your needs, but also a tailored production process.

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Review & Validation

We take care of all the testing and regulatory documentation necessary to bring a product to market.

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Manufacturing & Packaging

We handle the entire production process to allow a prompt launch for your product.

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A range of reliable and innovative precision instruments

In addition to our bespoke solutions, we also offer a range of products to personalise and distribute under your own name.

News & Events
NASS Chicago 2019

NASS 2019 Chicago NASS Congress will be held in Chicago from 25 to 28 september 2019.  

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EAO Lisbon 2019

EAO Lisbonne EAO Congress will be held in Lisbon from 26 to 28 september 2019.  

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About HL-Technology

About HL Technology

From our beginnings as a manufacturer of high-precision micromechanical components, our company has grown into a supplier of complete solutions for the medical and watchmaking fields. We have one goal: to simplify complexityin order to offer our clients solutions that meet their needs.


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