Omega ratchet torque wrench

Compliance and security

  • Applications

    Allows tightening and loosening of screws, prosthesis elements and dental implants.

  • Lifespan

    3 years or 300 sterilisation cycles or 6,000 clicks.

  • Ergonomics

    Small head for guaranteed comfort on lower teeth. Radial orientation of the product allows lateral access for dental surgery.

  • Quality

    Certified ISO13485:2016 and ISO 14971:2019. Complies with new European regulation 2017/745 EU.

  • High precision

    We guarantee +/- 10% on the value of the torque and this throughout the life of the product.

  • Design

    Residual risk is minimised by an integrated design.

Omega Torque Wrench, security through technology

Avec la clé dynamométrique Omega, le dentiste peut se concentrer sur le travail dans la bouche et n’a pas besoin de se soucier de la position de ses doigts ou de la lecture de la valeur sur la clé.

Innovative technology for enhanced safety

The applied torque value is guaranteed by the design. The dentist can concentrate on working in the mouth and does not need to worry about the position of their fingers or reading the value on the key. Residual risk is minimised by an integrated design.
Nos clés dynamométriques Omega ne demandent aucune calibration durant toute leur durée de vie garantie.

Easy to use and easy maintenance

The torque value can be adjusted gradually from 10 to 70 Ncm. Our Omega keys do not require any calibration during their lifetime. Their use is therefore extremely straightforward for dentists, because the Omega does not need to be returned to the supplier for recalibration during its lifetime. Interstices are large enough for effective cleaning. Cleaning is compatible with standard dental cleaning methods.


We offer total flexibility on all proximal interfaces for any type of screw or clamping element. Additionally, the logo engraving and the packaging are done according to your specifications.

Does your dental torque wrench comply with new standards?

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