XXL torque limiter

An optimal solution for large couples

  • Applications

    Suitable for placing orthopaedic implants for large couples with a minimum of 15 Nm, notably for hip surgery.

  • Ergonomics

    Even with high torque, our technology offers a cushioned click that is appreciated by surgeons.

  • Easy maintenance

    Requires no lubrication and can be sterilised and cleaned without disassembly.

  • Security

    Calibrated at the factory to the torque of your choice, starting from 10 Nm, for maximum safety.

  • Ease of use

    Instrument capable of screwing (with torque limiter) and unscrewing (without torque limitation), and can also be used as a simple ratchet.

  • Quality

    Certified ISO 13485: 2016

A unique solution

With its XXL torque limiter, HL Technology meets the needs of orthopaedic surgeons. There are few instruments suitable for large couples on the market, and the XXL offers a specialised solution for this type of intervention. Its cushioned click sets it apart from its competitors and surgeons appreciate its ease of use.

The cushioned click is a patented design that HL Technology developed for its Click torque limiter. The XXL’s construction also allows it to offer this feature.

Possibilities of customisation

We offer flexibility on all proximal interfaces by providing the interface piece for your needs. We also offer several choices of distal-side handles in technical polymer. In addition, logo engraving and intermediate or final packaging can be done according to your specifications.

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