Click Radial

Click's technology now applied into radial torque wrench

  • Safety

    Calibrated at the factory to the torque of your choice between 1,5 Nm and 10,0 Nm for maximum safety

  • Ergonomy

    Radial handle for ergonomic holding

  • Design

    Possible cannulation from Ø 2,0mm to Ø 4,5mm

  • Applications

    Custom interface

  • Lifespan

    3 years or 300 sterilisation cycles or 6,000 clicks

  • High accuracy

    We guarantee ±10% on the value of the torque and throughout the life of the product (3 years or 300 sterilization cycles).

Dispositif médical / medical device _ pose d'implant orthopédiques / orthopaedic implants

Easy to use

Our Click instruments require no maintenance or calibration during their lifetime. They are extremely easy for the operating room staff to use, and also simplify hospital logistics because they do not need to be returned to the supplier for recalibration during the guaranteed lifetime.
Dispositif médical / medical device _ pose d'implant orthopédiques / orthopaedic implants


The reduced size and axial orientation of the product allows a large number of applications and integration for ideal ergonomics and simplification of the surgeon’s work.
Dispositifs médicaux / médical devices_ Pose d'implants orthopédiques / Othopaedic implants


We offer total flexibility on all proximal interfaces for any type of screw or clamping element, and also on the distal side of the instrument with straight, T-shaped or other silicone grips, as well as all types of couplings. Additionally, your logo is engraved and the intermediate or final packaging is produced according to your specifications.

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