Discovery & Ideation

We listen to your needs and ideas and transform them into a bespoke concept.

We are available to answer all your technical questions, but also to address any administrative or problematic issues you may face in bringing medical and dental devices to market. We control the process from A to Z and are able to put together an action plan to meet your challenges.

With 10% of our staff dedicated to research and development, we specialise in designing innovative solutions. All members of our sales team are trained engineers and can therefore accompany you through the production process. When we conceptualise your solution, we take into account all possible implications. This integrated system is your guarantee of a trouble-free process up to delivery of the finished product.

Dispositifs dentaires et médicaux _ Medical and dental devices

Problem identification

Do you have an innovative idea? A difficult technological challenge? Our team of multidisciplinary experts is here for you. Specialists in microprecision mechanics, who spearhead innovative technologies and are familiar with the constraints of the sector, they will conceptualise a device that meets your specific needs. With HL Technology, you are guaranteed a truly tailor-made solution.

Exploration of ideas and solutions

You may be wondering if it’s more advantageous to manufacture your devices yourself, to subcontract the production of parts for later assembly, or to entrust the whole realisation of your project to a trusted partner. We can explore the various options available to you so that you can make a decision based on concrete facts and figures.


We take into account all technical, regulatory and commercial aspects to offer you the best service. The solution we offer is always concrete and achievable. Indeed, our vertical integration of manufacturing and assembly in a regulated and standardised environment guarantees that our proposals are based on real feasibility.

We are experts, practitioners, not theorists.

François Huguelet, Business Development.

Tell us about your idea and let’s discuss how we can help you.


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