Easy disposable torque limiter

One-time technology

  • Applications

    Orthopaedic implants in traumatological interventions or other applications requiring a disposable instrument. Features a mechanical self-deactivation system to ensure the device is not reused.


  • Design

    Patent pending

  • Quality

    ISO 13485: 2016 certified

  • Lifetime

    You decide how long your instrument will last, and it will self-deactivate after a set number of clicks (between 10 and 250).

  • High precision

    We guarantee +/- 10% on the value of the torque and throughout the life of the product

  • Safety

    Calibrated at the factory to the torque of your choice between 0,5 Nm and 4 Nm.

    A safety device is integrated in the instrument guaranteeing its non-reuse.

La poignée en silicone du limiteur de couple Easy permet une prise en main optimale.

Exclusive technology

Thanks to our patented self-deactivation system, the effective life of the instrument can be limited at the factory to a defined number of clicks (between 10 and 250).


Optimal control and grip thanks to its silicone handle, ideal for emergency interventions. Stainless steel axle for robustness.

HL Technology, dispositifs dentaires et médicaux / dental and medical devices


We customize your product according to your requirements. We are flexible, since we produce the axles ourselves, which allows us to offer an infinite variety of interfaces for the engagement of the Easy torque limiter on the clamping device in question. Version One shop possible with sterilisation, in blister or sachet, labelling or customised. The logo engraving is done according to your requirements.

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